Our Work

“The impact I can have on the client is more important to me than the size of the project.” Dwaina Sprague

Retiring to New Beginnings

Our clients were starting the next chapter of their life in a new city. Now retired, they wanted the new space to reflect their desire for a fresh start; a space where they could enjoy life at a slower pace and also entertain their adult children and extended family. They chose a beautiful lake front property and asked us to design the interior of the home they had conceived with their architect. Although their past home had been a traditional style, they wanted their new home to be modern, simple and clean while still retaining the warmth and comfort of their previous, more traditional home.

Grown Ups Live Here

Our clients wanted a beautiful functional guest bathroom, master bedroom and ensuite. This was phase two of our design work. We had completed the kitchen and the rest of the apartment a few years prior. The ceilings in both bathrooms presented a challenge. They were low and filled with mechanical equipment and venting. Our solution was to design a beautiful custom wood slatted ceiling that allowed easy access for servicing. The ensuite door swing also presented a problem. Removing it and then adding a barn door made the ensuite tub area feel more spacious.

Almost Empty Nest

Our clients were building a new Craftsman style home in an established Vancouver neighbourhood. They asked us to design a fresh interior that would represent a modern “Craftsmen” vibe. The space needed to be both cozy for two and easy to entertain their large family. We created a kitchen with a tucked away “butler’s pantry” and an entry with a closet concealed in the millwork panels.

More Work